Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"who's the decider now?" OR "to quote the eloquent nelson muntz ..."

1. yes i did get a couple hours of sleep last night and

2. i never said i wouldn't gloat.

i'm gloating, damnit. and i'm being immature about it. and i'm loving every moment.

in fact, if you had asked me if, when the dems retook the house (and how!) and the senate will probably fall our way (not to mention that governor's map. ah, the blue!!!), i would gloat, i'd have said hells yes i will gloat!

i'm a sore loser, and 2004 had me in a funk for months. but i'm also a poor winner. and so i gloat.

i won't blog on this at length. i'll let the kids at the wonkette, who are so much better than i am, take care of it. but i just have to tell you that i heard the gentle voice of karma when ken mehlman was talking about the importance of every vote counting (er, um, ken?) ...

i also just heard tom delay on cnn call karl rove a genius. this is going to be a fun, fun day.

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