Tuesday, November 21, 2006

h is for hypocrite

i've got christmas on the brain.

yesterday, beelog wrote, and i agreed, that all this super-early holiday marketing is nonsense. after thanksgiving, people. AFTER.

but then.

it's all i could think about. baking cookies, the warm glow of the tree, the instant decrease in blood pressure whenever there's holiday music in the background. i just couldn't stop thinking about it.

when i opened itunes this morning, i saw it there: holiday music.


i thought i could just look, just see what's there. *wrong* first of all, who in their right mind can possibly resist buying a charlie brown christmas album?! also, the bulk of the classic holiday CDs are eight bucks. seriously. OOH! and they had the chipmunks christmas, which i used to listen to in record form on my little kid record player. i mean, can you blame me? i'm only human.

all i can say is that it's a good thing the tree is in off-site storage (read: the back of my car) and the car is still at the dealership being fixed. otherwise, i can't promise that B wouldn't come home to a decked-out apartment.

with the linus & lucy song in the background, culling through a hundred pages of evidence notes isn't that bad. i guess next time i choose to grumble about the mass market and society and blah blah blah, i'd better pick something i'm less susceptible to...