Friday, November 10, 2006

a little friday "it sucks that we have to work while everyone else in this city has the day off" story

we all have those co-workers in our lives that are technologically-challenged. (read: god only knows how they turn on their computers in the morning.) and those always result in some hilarious, time-wasting incidents.

this morning, rk shared with me her recent experience with her office-sharing nemesis, the smirking self-important elderly gentleman who occassionally leaves the office in the middle of the day or a project for such important tasks as, oh, picking up a ham. and he also falls asleep in meetings. a real fav of hers. let's call him SOG (sleepy old guy).

rk: SOG has been grumbling about how he always has a hard time logging onto the website where we are taking those online certification courses. you have to put in your work email and password, blah, blah. you can of course click the little "remember me" box so you don't have to enter the info again.

he was grumbling and i said i would help him. so i stand over his shoulder and watch while he enters his email and password (making sure the remember me box is checked). he clicks "ok" and sure enough he get the error message "this account doesn't exist". so i say go back and try again. this time i pay a little bit more attention as he types. it turns out, SOG has been misspelling the company name in his email. that's why he can't log in.

SOG also sent a nasty-gram to the administrators for the website complaining about his inability to log in. i'll update if i hear anything resulting from the nasty-gram.

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ejtakeslife said...

I just feel so good knowing SOG is even loosely connected to US national defense. Really keeps me warm at night.