Thursday, November 02, 2006

an ode to rk

well, i just realized it's thursday, and this weekend rk is going up to new york to see madame butterfly with her father as an early birthday gift. this means we will only see rk on friday evening for some holiday party planning over thai. (that's right party people! watch your mailboxes for some pretty handmade invites!) we basically hang out with rk all the time, so a saturday and sunday without her seem a bit odd.

i thought i would take this opportunity to highlight one of rk's most amusing and educational traits. she's a friggin genius people. serious. she basically knows everything.

when she joined us in detroit for the first two games of the world series (and no, i'm still not ready to talk about it), it didn't take long before b's family started asking her random questions because, well, she'd obviously know the answer.

and just this past weekend, b & i foolishly played trivial pursuit with her. she had this question:

how many points is a "C" worth, in Swedish Scrabble?

the answer is ten. and she got it right. no. i'm not kidding.

so, here's to rk. have a lovely weekend in new york, and please prance those ferragamos into the oak room at the algonquin hotel and have a martini for me, hm?

ps. b keeps saying that he's going to start blogging some on my corner of the internet. but so far he's all talk. everyone who wants b to start blogging, leave a comment urging him to start!!!

NOTE: like an idiot, i had not realized that i had to approve everyone's comments before they were published. my bad. now i see people HAVE been commenting. and i love you for that. promise to take care of that ....

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