Monday, November 06, 2006

metro monday ii

it's monday again, folks. sad as it is. but it's time for the second metro monday, which is kind of exciting.

first of all, i wanted to make clear what i'm going to do with metro monday. i am only going to write about things, people, smells, etc. that i encounter on the train monday morning. that's it. i'm not going to draw from my vast experience of metro-riding experience and showcase the gems on mondays. i'm not going to write about that time a couple years back when i got in a shouting match with a tourist on the escalator who was standing on the left and refused to move when i ever-so-politely said, excuse me, this is my train. i don't think that's very genuine. instead, i'm restricting myself to write only about that 4-stop commute into foggy bottom.

i'm telling you this in part to cover my ass in case some mondays are really lame. consider this your warning.

today, i would like to take a moment just as a public service announcement to discuss the aisle-sitters.* aisle-sitting is wrong, and it needs to stop. ok, sometimes at like 2 in the afternoon aisle-sitting is fine. but on the orange line during rush hour? unacceptable. there were two - count 'em, two - aisle-sitters this morning on the train. the orange line. 8:40 am. and one of them was sleeping.

aisle-sitters: you are rude. you are not paying twice as much to ride the train, so you don't get to take up two seats because you don't feel like scootching your ass over 14 inches or you don't feel like sitting next to someone. and when i see you on the train, i can assure you that the seat next to you is *always* the one i want. please show just a touch of courtesy and move it.

(also, there was this guy in the seat in front of me in an all-corduroy suit. all corduroy. can you believe that? i think my little brother had one of those when he was four or something. that dude's gonna be hot this afternoon.)

*aisle-sitting is when there are two empty seats, and you take the outside seat, leaving the inside seat empty and unaccessible.

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honeykbee said...

Aisle sleepers? I say wake their asses up. As for the left-stander on the elevator? He, too, could use a wake up call. Hoorah for Metro Monday!!