Tuesday, November 07, 2006

i guess you take the good with the bad....

last night in the hour between work and class that i typically spend pretending that i'm going to study but really putzing around online, i thought it'd be a nice idea to take a walk. the reasons for this were two-fold.

1. it was a nice evening, and i didn't even have my textbook for class, so i couldn't tell myself i'd study and

2. i've recently decided that i really, seriously, honestly, swear to god, have got to start exercising. between the ever-closer trip to the french west indies (sigh), the two visits to the doctor's office that involved stepping on a scale (me: what the?! um, ma'am, i'm sorry but this scale is like 15 pounds off. seriously. i know you told me last time it was right, but really.) (ok, not outloud. but i was thinking it.), and a glance at wedding pictures that are only 14 months old (me: dude. who is this skinny girl in the white ... wait a second!) ... it's time. the 1L 15 i've started calling it.

thus: a walk.

dc is, i think, one of those cities that's much more charming after the sun's gone down. the buildings somehow seem larger, the smells better. i don't know. maybe it's just me. during the day, i never notice the small buildings tucked between the taller ones, the kosher delis, how much wider the sidewalks are here than in the midwest. (yes, we have sidewalks in the midwest.) i walked up from foggy bottom to dupont, and felt a ping of nostalgia as i passed the office building where i worked as a receptionist for an architecture firm when i was first in dc. that was only three or four years ago, but my god how things have changed since then. dvorak's new world symphony came up on shuffle on my ipod. i was zipping along, happy with the world and the city and my life and all that.

and then. then, on 20th just south of p, there. on a loading dock. there was a man. and he was taking a shit.


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