Wednesday, November 08, 2006

the congressional revolution of 2006 - bringing families together

i know we're all still working through the implications of this election - nancy pelosi becoming the most powerful woman in american history, the demise of our beloved rumsfeld, finally some oversight of the debacle in iraq - add one more to the list, shall we?

it's not news that my relationship with my dad has, of late, been somewhat ... ahem ... strained. but this election, folks, has brought us back together. we spent a good chunk of time this afternoon gushing over how giddy we are, and how fun and glorious and wrought with come-uppins this election has proven to be. he went off for a little bit on a few moderately insane conspiracy theories and plans for border control (long story short: they involve annexing the 51st state, mexico) - but i was just so thrilled he was actually talking to me that all i could do was smile.

helping estranged family members see past their differences because they have been blinded by the overwhelming joy of seeing republicans get a swift kick in the head.

thank you, democrats. those are some family values i can get behind.

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