Thursday, February 01, 2007

well i'm just glad she didn't inherit any of her mom's absentmindedness ....

an email from rk this morning about a cute dress that she ordered before i got the chance to. and obviously now i can't buy it. because the two of us have enough of our wardrobe coincidentally in common for us to both show up somewhere in this dress.

i got home last night at about 9:30. i was cold (and tired) i unwrapped the dress and decided to try it on. it buttons in the front (to the waist only) and doesn't have any back zipper, so i unbutton and figure that i have to pull it over my head. a little snug goin over the boobs. it fits, looks great actually. ok time to jump in the shower and get warm.

so, i unbutton the dress and start to pull it over my head. wow this is snug. this is not really that practical. finally after about 5 minutes of contortionist moves around the bedroom -- it's off.

good lord, i won't want to wear that dress if i want to get out of it quickly (like if i plan on getting laid!) 'cause there doesn't seem to be a sexy way to get out of this thing.

i'm kinda bummed. oh well. as i'm going to sleep i think to myself, i'll take it to the tailor and have a zipper put in. kinda overkill - i'll spend more on the zipper than i did on the dress, but if it makes the dress easier to remove (in emergency situations, like the chance to get some), then i don't mind.

i fell asleep knowing that the issue was resolved (also knowing that it was going to take me 6 months to get the dress to the tailor).

this morning i looked at the dress again.

there's a zipper on the side.

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