Monday, February 12, 2007

metro monday xii: the devil wears houndstooth

here i am again, lamenting the rudeness of metro riders. it's about a want for chivalry, sure - but frankly, i'd just settle for some decent manners at this point.

metro monday almost didn't come to pass this morning. it wasn't until we were pulling into courthouse that b grabbed my arm and said, eyes wide, metro monday, s! don't forget! we then instantly looked around to see if there was anyone wearing a leopard print coat and a cowboy hat (i saw her on thursday, and it was special).

an unusually high number of riders exited at courthouse, and a bespectacled gentleman with a houndstooth cap and wide courderoy pants pounced. no, literally. one of the seats reserved for handicapped riders was vacated, and he actually pushed the women, young and old, around him out of the way so he could sit down.

our jaws dropped and through the clear plastic divider we couldn't help but stare. he looked up as we started to laugh and gave us one of those what? looks. but i could see in his eyes he knew he'd just acted totally inappropriately.

ah, metro monday. you never let me down.

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