Wednesday, January 31, 2007

the problem with myspace

being the incredibly hip late-twenty-something that i am, i put myself on myspace about 6 months ago, so much longer after it was cool that i'm embarrassed. but it is what it is.

don't judge me.

overall, i've enjoyed catching up with a few friends from high school and college that i've really missed - and it's been strangely fun to see how many of them have pro-created and morphed into midwestern soccer moms. and how many have turned freakishly religious. (which is, i suppose, the natural turn of events if you don't leave holland, a town with more churches than gas stations.) (this may not be exactly accurate, but it sure feels like it.)

it's not the myspace stalking of people you haven't seen in ten years that bothers me so much as the awkwardness of the un-friend request. specifically, the friend request from someone you don't really remember and that you're quite certain was not ever your friend. b and i both have this problem - people we didn't know at all sending out a friend request (that's cool, i'll accept) and then proceeding to send message after message. after message. can you really "catch up" with someone you didn't ever talk to?

am i being totally snobby about this? it's not like i think i'm better than these people (after all, i talk to the old friends that have turned freakishly religious, despite my very, very deep suspicion of organized religion and not-so-great personal experiences with people who are freakishly religious).

yesterday, someone encouraged me to go to our 10-year reunion so that she could have someone she knew to sit with.

1. if you don't know anyone, don't go. and,
2. you don't know me either! you're a myspace friend. if i saw you on the street, i wouldn't know you from adam.

add this to the long list of reasons i can be counted out for the class reunion this summer...

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