Wednesday, February 14, 2007

re anne frank

following our impromptu valentine's dinner (my class was canceled tonight too! yay!), b read my blog.


b is very sensitive to wwII. his grandfather fought in it. he is in fact obsessed with it. and he thought my use of the anne frank quote was totally unacceptable.

even with a few glasses of wine in him, he thought it was unacceptable.

so i've been ordered to either:

1. remove the anne frank quote or

2. blog about how b totally disapproves and thinks i should remove the quote.

i'm totally not taking it down. i know it's bad taste, but that's why i have an anonymous blog, suckas.

so that's that. i'm a bad person who's definitely going to hell because i use anne frank quotes to describe my torment over not getting a snowday like a brat. b wants karma and god and all the powers that be to know, via the internet, that he does not approve.


b is also concerned about the almost-snow-day phenomena that results in people dressing like absolute slobs to work. what is with that? i noticed it today too. anyone have any ideas?


Anonymous said...

A few things:

1. I'll check with the powers that be in my office in NYC and see if I can get you a special dispensation to quote AF.

2. If B. is worried about karma we know you can purchase it by giving money to homeless people. Works out for everyone.

3. The almost-snow-day dressing is not an issue here. I saw many a woman in 3in stilettos yesterday. Come on...

sm said...

I have noticed seems that even though it is Thursday, because the weather is slightly crappy (although no reason to be closed today), it has become causal Thursday.