Monday, February 26, 2007

metro monday xiii: please don't dress like kim jong-il

all the oscar fashion talk had me paying extra attention to the commuter ensembles this morning. and while there many worth noting, since i got sideswiped the second i walked into the office, i can't remember all the witty descriptions i had lined up.

i do remember, however, that none of the men on the train had appropriately tailored pants.*

gentlemen of the orange line: many of you insist on wearing your trousers like kim jong-il. he is a dictator, and no one is going to tell him his pants need to come up an inch or two.

but that doesn't make it right.

one of you was even standing on the bottom of your pants, they were so long. you really thought this was ok? really?

please, fellas, this is not a good look. especially given that many of you are not terribly tall anyway, and nothing adds to frumpiness (aside from big ol' pleats) like poorly tailored, too-long pants.

i'll make you two promises, orange line gentlemen:
1. having your pants taken up is not expensive, and
2. any tailor you see will have diagrams of the appropriate trouser breaks for your reference.

let's put an end to poorly tailored pants, shall we? i know if we work together, it can be done. let's leave the next generation with a better world, one where men know when to see the tailor.

*b of course the obvious exception. his pants break just right on the top of his shoes.


honeykbee said...

As long as the pants-falling-down-to-subcrack fad is over, I'm happy.

Anonymous said...

and the Express loves you again.:)SK