Friday, February 02, 2007


today, it appears, the planets have aligned and the nemesis is being served a hot steamy dish of comeuppins. nay, multiple dishes. this is a full 7-course feast of comeuppins.

truly, i'd wondered if a day like this would ever appear, when weak assurances and bold-faced lies about work never done would be finally questioned firmly. it's like what would happen if reporters dared to ask W the type of questions they're more than willing to throw at laura (anyone else see the today show this morning?) ... he's crumbling like a stale chocolate cupcake.

oh and speaking of chocolate, he bought her a pile of dark chocolate at lunch, which she then distributed to everyone else in the office save the nemesis. sir, dark chocolate is miraculous, i agree. but you are asking a lot of this delicacy. it will make her happy, sure, but won't make her blind.

i wish i had a big bowl of popcorn to enjoy while watching this show. if it were a movie, it'd be called finally OR HA HA (a la nelson muntz).

everytime the nemesis comes out after another helping of comeuppins, i flash him a big shitfaced grin, the kind he loves to give someone who's walked in 90 seconds late as he stares at his watch and informs us that the boss was asking for us.

that dark chocolate was sweet, but this my friends ... this is sweeter.

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i need details. kate.