Wednesday, February 14, 2007

it's difficult in times like these: ideals, dreams and cherished hopes rise within us, only to be crushed by grim reality. (anne frank)

i may never forgive you, sjt.

there are times when i don't think the overreaction to weather in dc is ridiculous: when i might get to stay home. and after evening classes were canceled last night, and with all the newscasters promising the worst was yet to come, i was giddy with the promise of a mid-week laze-fest.

i woke up this morning and headed for the computer. i pulled up nbc 4's school closings list, the screen burning my still sleepy eyes, and hoped. american? closed. georgetown? closed! surely my school, blocks from georgetown, wouldn't be open! oh. wait. yes it is. sonofabitch. delayed to 10am? what is that?

all i wanted to do today is lounge around in my velour sweatpants (ok for home, not for work. you know who you are.) and interlochen t-shirt from 1995, and call it a day. watch a little ellen, maybe indulge in some days of our lives, and then a nap before oprah.

i do not think this is too much to ask.

apparently sjt thinks it is. apparently the dreams of a long-time, loyal student can be swept away by a bureaucracy that (just a guess) probably doesn't have to show up. probably gets to sit around and watch daytime television in velour sweatpants! (sjt in velour sweatpants. that makes me giggle.) i can almost taste the injustice! i just wanted one day, one day in the middle of february to lay around in the middle of the week and recharge my batteries. today off, coupled with the long weekend ahead, could have really catapulted me through the next month or so ... but noooo. i have to go to my campus job, and then to class, while those georgetown students are watching soaps and calling me a chump.

b's evening class has already been canceled. his school cares about its students.

(the anne frank quote may have been a bit much, i realize. but DAMN did i want to stay home today!)


EJ Takes Life said...

I have a severe case of the NeedsSnowDays, combined with a crippling bout of WhatDidIJustGetMyselfIntos. The combination may force me to take a sick day tomorrow; I've not decided yet.

Anonymous said...

jerks i had an extra tuesday night beer in anticipation of wednesday snow day. made it even better that they failed to clear campus sidewalks, stairs, and entrances to garages before 10:00 a.m. SK