Tuesday, February 06, 2007

...and i'm not even hungover...

the whole day has been a blur to me. i've been floating around from place to place with my eyes barely open, finding myself somehow on the train at the right time, in class at the right time, in the right room ... it was almost as if the much aligned rolly bag* was propelling me from classroom to classroom. my own mother could have walked right past me and i wouldn't have noticed today.

i realized how out-of-sorts i've been today at about 2:45, right before my third afternoon class began. i left rolly bag in the classroom (perhaps my error?) and headed to the ladies' room. the classroom is in an area of the law school in which i have spent very little time, and as i was entering the restroom, i stopped dead in my tracks.

you know that southwest commercial ... the one where the woman has something in her contact and realizes once it's been fixed that she's actually in the men's room?

well, it didn't happen. i was in the right one, but it looked different from all the restrooms on the other floors. but i'm not gonna lie, i left and checked the door before i entered any further.

also, in a fix to stop the shaking from all the caffeine i poured down my throat after that class (after all, i have a 3-hour bankruptcy marathon tonight) i grabbed a bottled water only to find out that it costs $2 because it has electrolytes in it. what the hell are electrolytes?

*because i have so many books and a fear of falling down the escalator (again) with them all, i use one of those computer rolly bags ... which is frowned upon much more by full-time day students than it was with the night students i studied with last year. but now i'm stuck in my ways, and i refuse to get an effing locker. i mean, it's not high school.

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Anonymous said...

i had the same separation from reality issues yesterday - must have been the pre-snow electrolytes in the air. SK