Monday, February 05, 2007

metro monday xi: you can take the girl out of michigan ...

i usually walk around dc rolling my eyes and guffawing at the general attitude towards temperatures below 40 degrees and the threat of snow in a 200-mile radius.

you think this is cold?

let me tell you a thing or two about snow ...

my school never would have closed for this.

but i'll admit it. this morning was cold. i'll give you that. but that's fine, i just pulled out a lined coat, a big scarf, some knee socks, a big warm hat and some gloves ... and that's that. after bundling up and getting an assurance from B that my hat wasn't ridiculous, i headed out, wondering what kind of get-ups would be waiting on the metro.

i guess i wasn't expecting all the fur. i was expecting fresh new parkas, bought in a frenzy yesterday after everyone read in the paper it would only reach 23 today. and those silly earwarmers that just slide onto your ears. but i really had not anticipated the fur. there were five fur coats on my car alone.

and i realized that don't know what my stance is on fur. my initial reaction was disapproval. strong disapproval. i thought of cute little beavers splashing around near their dams or cute little minks ... doing whatever it is minks do. these woman should be ashamed of themselves. but the problem is, they looked good. real good. i mean, what would i do if B decided to buy me a fur coat for christmas one year? would i make him take it back? or would i put it on and reluctantly admit that i looked like one classy broad?

it was at this point in my inner dialogue that i happened to glance at my reflection in the metro window, and two things occurred to me:

1. i have a long way to go before i need to worry about the moral dilemmas associated with receiving a fur coat for a gift; and

2. B totally lied to me when he said this hat does not look ridiculous.

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Anonymous said...

I was pondering this exact same issue at dinner last night. (Speaking of which, I had one of the best steaks ever, nice and rare. When you and B. come to NYC, we'll go!) I digress...considering my strong ethical stance on all issues, I decided no clothing that once had a face. Only polyester/ hemp blends for this girl! (Shoes don't = clothes, right?)

One last thing, haven't I told you repeatedly you look smashing in your pink FBI hat? (I mean not as great as I look in my tie-dye CIA sweatshirt but that can't be helped.)

Miss you!!!