Thursday, December 07, 2006

the SOG saga continues

it's exam time, people. i'm relying these days on the humor of guest bloggers too keep my huge (snicker, snicker) readership satisfied. ;)

some of you may remember SOG (sleepy old guy) from a few weeks ago. well, the laughs just keep on coming.

courtesy of rk:

so SOG has a friend who he worked with at some agency or another at the dawn of time who is now working here. my esteemed team leader refers to him as lurch. perfect name for him. he especially sounds like lurch.

lurch is in a temporary office on my floor over where my old office used to be. the big color printer is over there and yesterday i had to walk over to get something from the printer.

i happened to glance in lurch's office to see him......


yep you got it. sleepy old guy's friend also seems to be a napper.

i forgot my print job and RAN back to team leader's office and told him. he immediately had to go check on a print job and shortly after reported that lurch was still asleep.

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