Friday, December 29, 2006

damn you sallie mae, and a pre-vacation jig

i had planned on the last blog prior to a sun and liquor drenched week in the caribbean being funny, sassy, smart and in general fantastic. that was totally my plan today. but the best laid plans, no? (what a great intro, s. this blog isn't going to be good. so thanks for reading.)

i'm applying for a fellowship for my last year of academia. ever. for real, yo. lucky year eleven. anyway, part of the application requires listing all of your student loans. all. of. your. student. loans. like, ever. [shudder] before adding those bad boys up, i wrote "n/a" next to "non-education loans" ... with the hope that it'd make me feel better. yeah, not so much.

so after i hunted them down, and added them up (thrice, just to be sure) and then trying not to swallow my tongue, seeing as how i was having a seizure and all, i emailed B. turns out the estimated amount i've been claiming lo these five years since we met was, hm, a touch shy of reality. sonofa ... but for a couple with three graduate degrees, one being a JD, i guess we're in pretty alright shape (read: not quite to the point of jumping out a window). if someone socked me with a thirty thousand dollar surprise, i'd have handled it with less grace than he.

turns out this last blog for a while is a big thank you to B. you're the best. thanks for not freaking out. or rather, not communicating your freaking out to me via email, which would have seriously compounded my freaking out. what a guy.

so this brings me to a bientot. not sassy and funny and smart, but it is what it is. hope the ford funeral rocks the pants off of dc - i'll be on the beach, suckas.

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