Monday, December 11, 2006

metro monday vii: playing from home

there's no monday commute this week either, and although b was kind enough to step in last monday, he seemed less than eager to participate today. so instead i'm going to do two things today:

1. i'm inviting people to please comment with their metro monday stories from this morning; and

2. i'm going to offer some thrilling observations i made between 8:30 and 9:00 am when i am usually on the train. which should be funny and/or mildly pathetic. here goes:

- tom cruise really does have man-boobs these days.

- how many colors of highlighter do i have on this hoodie? (i'm still counting)

- i've been listening to christmas music for 21 days straight. overly religious songs are much less annoying when sung by frank sinatra.

- having only an orange for breakfast is a bad idea. i need some cereal.

- i am sick and tired of studying for exams. (varieties of this observation: i hate this shit; i still don't understand the difference between mens rea and actus reus - why can't we use english words?; i wonder what the curve will be like in this class; and ooh, i can't forget to get a red bull and snickers bar before this exam - otherwise i will fail.)

- when i get a piano (obviously requiring a home larger than 600 square feet) the first thing i'm learning to play is that linus and lucy song.

- does the president really talk to his dog like this? because, shit. i love dogs, but i don't think for a second that pumpkin is going to give me reliable advice on national security.


Anonymous said...

Here's mine:

honeykbee said...

Did I tell you the one about when I went apesh*t on the chick sitting next to me on the metro for doing her nails?

S said...

yeah, i'm gonna need that story. definitely.