Tuesday, December 05, 2006

are you my gynecologist or my mom?!

in the midst of the usual awkward small talk:

so no kids yet?

no, none planned. i'm in law school.

well these things don't necessarily need to follow strict schedules ...

um, i suppose ... that's ... true.

i'm sure your career is important, but just don't wait too long to have children. you're 27? i suppose you have a good 5 years. i'm sure as a lawyer you'd be able to work from home some, so that'd make things easier for you as a mom.

for a moment, i was really sure i might be in one of those weird dreams where i'm at the gynecologist and i'm getting a lecture about how i plan to balance a career and motherhood and it turns out the gyno is actually my mom, and she ends the appointment by snapping off her gloves and saying, now remember missy, i want a granddaughter! and you're not getting any younger!

and also let me say that this is a conversation i'd expect to have with a doctor in michigan, sure, where all my high school friends have elementary school aged children. but in dc? jesus. most people here at 27 go into seizures at the thought of getting married. starting a family? good grief, charlie brown. let a girl be, hm?

(note: this did serve to give some perspective. i'd actually much rather listen to chopin and re-read the federal rules of evidence for the 95th time than be chasing a toddler around. so, thank you, freakishly old-fashioned gynecologist. thank you for reminding me that i am happy with my life choices.)


recovering overachiever said...

Isn't it awesome how gyns can really insert themselves into your business. I know to some extent, they are supposed to, but beyond health benefits, they shouldn't get personal.
I had one that got judgmental on me when I told her I was having sex. At 22!
Here's my whole story: http://recoveringoverachiever.blogspot.com/2006/08/good-gyn.html
So frustrating. Now I have a great one though.
At least yours gave you some perspective!

Ar-Jew-Tino said...

Reason #1,953 why it's better to be a guy. I never had a urologist tell me, "Well, Arjewtino, you're 31, you better start thinking of knocking up your girlfriend."

S said...

isn't it awful that i'm just too lazy to look for a new one? i guess i can take the weird guilt trip once a year. it makes up for not going home for thanksgiving, i suppose ....

honeykbee said...

I can totally relate. And I must admit that by your Dr's math my ovaries are currently in the process of shriveling up. Great.

My gyno keeps giving me crap about smoking. I'm like, look, you do what you have to do down there, and let my dentist worry about my mouth, 'k?