Sunday, December 10, 2006


i have been delinquent in this habit lately, and for that i apologize.

the lighthouse in my hometown, all decked out in her december best.

i came across this picture and the pangs of homesickness* were especially strong ... i've been longing for some meteorological confirmation that it is, in fact, about two weeks from christmas. today, as we helped rk with christmas lights and garland, i was watching robins flit around in the green grass and needed no jacket. and i miss the snow. i've been trying to fill the emptiness in my gut left by the lack of snow with charlie brown's christmas soundtrack, but i'm not having much success. i need the snow, damn it.

in a couple weeks, we'll make the pilgrimage to michigan to be with the families, and you are all welcome to roll your eyes when i blog afterwards with complaints about the cold and the snow. but for now, after putting up christmas lights on a warm sunny day, i want the snow.

*homesickness may have been compounded by the truly normal and heartwarming hour-long conversation i had with my mom this evening.

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