Monday, December 04, 2006

metro monday vi: a guest blogger!

today, the oft-mentioned B has stepped up to the plate and taken on the weighty duty of coming up with material for metro monday. this is exam week one, and i've taken this and next monday off to prepare (read: make up for all the work i didn't get done during the semester).

B: Ok. I hate when I am standing in the middle of the train car and people want to get by or they stand too close to me and invade my personal space - even though there is more than enough room on the train. (s: B is adamant about moving to the middle of the train. nothing gets on his nerves more than when people stop in the doorway. he turns into a mean, glaring man when people do that ... kinda like how he gets when he's hungry.)

B: That happened to me today. It was girl, slightly taller than you and she was wearing boots. (you know how I hate that) (s: B really does not like it when women wear skirts and tall boots. he thinks boots should be worn underneath pants. i'm not really sure why he feels this way, but he does.)

B: So I was automatically annoyed. To punish her, I read her newspaper over her shoulder. (s: how polite is B, that his retribution for an invasion of personal space was to read the newspaper over her shoulder! i thought about changing that part to say that to punish her he pretended to tell me over the phone that he forgot to take his antibiotics but he was pretty sure the strep throat wasn't contagious anymore - but no, he read the paper over her shoulder. what a class act.)

B: I hope she learned her lesson. That's all I have.

s: my guess is that she was standing so close because, as we all know, my husband is a total babe. i don't know about all of you, but i think this was a great blog by B. thanks for pinch-hitting!

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