Monday, April 02, 2007

metro monday

i'll tell you what i wasn't expecting this morning - to see a grown man wearing a baseball jersey and cap on over his dress clothes during my morning commute.

listen, i know it's opening day. i know because b was whistling take me out to the ballgame all morning. i know because he's been telling me everyday for the past month how many days were left before opening day. i know because when we left detroit last night, i could tell he was thinking about ditching me and the plane, hitching a ride downtown and standing outside a sold-out comerica park all night hoping for a glance.

i know it's opening day.

but i also know this is not michigan (where wearing a jersey to work probably would be ok). nor did i know it was acceptable in dc for a grown man to wear a jersey and a baseball cap to work over his dress shirt and tie. and if i did know those things, i would not have guessed it would have been a cubs jersey. dc? ok. marlins (who they play today)? also understandable. but a cubs jersey? and one with his own last name on the back? a little surprising.

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