Thursday, April 26, 2007

man this is really gonna cramp my style

my parents are coming to visit next weekend. luckily, i have a 28-hour trip to michigan and five exams in the 7 days before they arrive, so i don't really have much time to wonder which set of parents will show up: happy, normal parents or manic depressive angry at the world parents. obviously, i'm really pulling for the former. but they haven't been able to visit in about 2 years, so frankly i'll just be happy to have them around, whichever representatives they send.

we haven't had many guests in a while, so just the idea that someone's coming to see us is exciting. since we moved, the people who've visited the most are michigan pals paul and laura. and they are the best guests. they call a week or so in advance, asking if we have plans because they're going to book a flight. it's always on a whim. they fly in, don't ask us to pick them up from the airport, stay at a hotel, and basically just want to drink, smoke and eat alberto's pizza all weekend. it's swell. all that unexpected debauchery, but still with enough notice to clean the apartment. basically, the perfect scenario.

but now they had to go and ruin the promise of unexpected weekends of beer, pizza and cigars by having a kid. so frickin selfish. i mean, how are they going to surprise us with last minute visits filled with binge drinking with a kid?! geez.

obviously, i jest.

these two haven't had an easy time of getting to today, the day little jack was born. it's even been tough to witness, because honestly there is not a couple on earth that deserves to have a baby more than these two. seriously. but now he's here, and getting that emailed picture of mommy and baby this morning ... i really couldn't be happier.

so, welcome, jack. you may not know it yet, but you're one lucky kid, getting parents like that ...

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