Monday, April 09, 2007

i love this kid, part 2 - the big A

this is part 2 of a 3 part series for my nephews' birthdays, detailing their superiority to all other nephews.

today's subject: the big A.

three years ago now, when my sister-in-law was in labor with her second boy, our best friend chris was in town for a rare, short visit with b & i. b & i were both really good friends with chris before we ever met - and the fact that we met, have since married and are on our way to living happily ever after is because of this guy. he was our best man, and we love him. he's wonderful. but luckily, he's also a good enough friend to not have been offended when i received this call from my brother:

sis? we really wish you were here. it was so great having you here for M's birth. it's not the same without you ...

obviously, i threw some underwear in a bag and bolted. i mean, i hugged chris before i left, but i was outta there. when your brother and his wife call to say they need you there to make the birth of their son better ... there is no higher honor, and no thinking twice about ditching your boyfriend and best friend.

A couldn't wait for me, though, and was born just as i was leaving dc. but i still went. i drove 9 hours alone in my little crappy kia to get to that kid. and i'd do it again today (despite hating everything about that long, awful drive) in a heartbeat.

one of my favorite memories from my wedding (and of all time) was at the very end of the reception, when everyone except family had left. A had ditched his summer tux shirt, and the little suspenders on his tuxedo shorts were hanging down below the shorts. he was only 18 months or so at that point, and i'm sure he'll never remember this ... but he was sitting in his stroller, and i reached down to kiss him before he left. as i stood back up, he grabbed my hand with both of his, and just started kissing. it was such pure affection, he holding my hand tightly, and just kissing and kissing and kissing. he kissed me long enough for an army of cameras to be retrieved from already packed bags and capture the moment - the shirtless, sleepy baby grasping and kissing the hand of the bride - and for it to have been seared on my heart as one of the sweetest moments of my life.

he's that kind of kid: everything is pure with him. his joy, his sadness, everything. he wears his heart on his sleeve, that one. those big blue eyes don't hide a thing.

and god, i just hope he never loses that.

so here's to you, baby. i love you, i love you, i love you.

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EJ Takes Life said...

I think my heart just melted.