Saturday, April 14, 2007


i've been in one.

this is what i'm blaming:

-stupid weather.
-residue from the aforementioned shit-losing in the chuck e. cheese parking lot, and just nephew-missing in general.
-five exams that i keep saying i'm really not worried about.
-inability to get the perfect sleeping temperature.
-stupid weather.
-suffering fools.
-messy closet.
-basket of half-folded laundry that's been at the foot of the bed since last saturday.
-that i actually heard the weather geniuses on the local news say nor'easter.
-melancholy playlist i compiled on an especially gloomy day, and keep listening to.

what should help me de-funk-ify:

-saying adios to being a 2L.
-watching every single tigers game so far this season.
-relief after finally admitting to B that i have a serious crush on joel zumaya.
-no more classes.
-37 days until getting to pretend i'm a lawyer.
-trying a new sushi place with HK on wednesday.
-did i mention no more classes?
-at some point, it will be sunny and 65.
-newscasters seem to be done talking about anna nicole smith. (can we bring back astronaut love triangle now puh-lease?!)
-the onion in paper form being distributed in dc.

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Anonymous said...

the funk - i have 9/10 symptoms on your funk list (my brain tumor-like headache is replacing your nephew-symptom). it must be law causing this funk. sk