Monday, March 12, 2007

metro monday: this crappy morning brought to you by congress

sure, sure. spring forward would have happened eventually. but in march? and to save energy? b and i were up until midnight last night, with the lights and tv on, and both of our laptops in bed with us. i struggle to see how much energy was saved there.

spring-forward-itis definitely had a palpable presence on the train this morning. the three commuters closest to me that had window seats were all sleeping. one in front of the other, their heads leaning against the window, i couldn't help but wish i had those little airplane pillows and blankets to tuck them in. the woman sitting next to the middle sleeper/commuter was mid-yawn when the snoring began. laughing and yawning is really unattractive, fyi.

and i loved seeing the put-together, well-dressed commuters showing no shame in letting huge yawns escape. i half expected to see some thumb-sucking and eye-rubbing.

we were all so sleepy that when the driver chastized people for crowding the train and promised there was another train ... uh ... in a few minutes (even though we all knew the next train was 14 minutes behind) there was barely a guffaw. what the hell did we care? we all got on the train.

anyway, it's much easier to nap standing up when the other comumuters are jammed in around you.

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