Monday, March 19, 2007

metro monday: metro - a promising second career for those with anger management issues?

originally, i was going to blog about the ginormous blue suitcase that was hanging out on the train sans owner right in front of the door ... about how no one seemed to mind ... about how big an explosive device could be in there ... about how i thought about moving to another car of the train for about a nanosecond before immediately deciding there was no way i was giving up my seat.

but then, i heard it. i heard this sing-songy voice over the PA announcing the next stop in a strange cadence that could have very easily transitioned into i do not like green eggs and ham, i do not like them sam i am without skipping a beat. i turned to b and asked, don't you think this guy's voice is really strange? and he said, guy? you think this is a guy?

that was at courthouse. so obviously we spent the next ten minutes before i got off the train eagerly waiting for another sample of this confusing voice. we'd quietly discuss our opinion and then stop mid-sentence as soon as we thought s/he would start talking again. there was no real consensus by the time we reached foggy bottom.

as luck would have it, we were near the front at the train .... so when i got off the train, i was hoping to catch a glimpse of him/her as s/he looked back before closing the train doors.

and i can't be sure, it was dark down there. but i'm pretty sure it was mike tyson. which kinda makes sense.


Anonymous said...

Spent 15 minutes on the train this morning watching a guy pick his nose, roll his snot around between his fingers, examine it and then eat it. Somehow this guy is married and I can barely manage two dates with the same guy. How is that possible?

S said...

i often wonder about people like that. does he only do that on the train? does he do it at home? and if so, doesn't his wife tell him he's the grossest man ever and to stop? or does she stay quiet? do you think he does that at work? does he clip his nails at work? i hate when people clip their nails at work (you KNOW who you are).

do you remember that seinfeld episode where george wears a wedding band as a sociological experiment because he thinks women will hit on him? and they do? i'm just saying ...