Tuesday, March 20, 2007

i love this kid, part 1 - M

anyone who knows me, i'm sure, quietly complains behind my back about how much i talk about my nephews.

obviously, i don't give a shit.

my nephews are awesome. they are brilliant and gorgeous and loving and pretty much perfect in every way. i adore them and hate being away from them. the older they get, the harder i cry when i leave. it's not pretty.

this is to serve as a preface to this and the next four weeks, in which they all three have birthdays. and today is the first.

today, the big M turns four. four? seriously? his mother was living with me when he was born, since my brother was in boot camp, so when she brought him home, it was to the apartment we shared. i spent so much time with him as a newborn, constantly in shock that my gene pool could be partially responsible for that little warm ball of perfection, that i really can't believe he's a kid now. but a kid he is, one who - he told me last weekend - wants cake and ice cream and presents at his birthday party. i told you he was brilliant. (also, his exuberant answer to my mom asking him who's coming to his birthday party is uncle b and aunt s! which obviously means he's getting extra toys.)

so happy birthday, kiddo. you're awesome. and adorable.


honeykbee said...

It's not just you, he's really quite adorable!

S said...

thank you! you have good taste in nephews.

although i am upset at him for breaking my heart on his birthday. he said, aunt s, you live TOO FAR AWAY. a little part of me died.

Alejandra said...

What a spectacular smile!