Sunday, March 25, 2007

alberto's: a love story

by and large, i am sorely disappointed with the culinary character of dc ... the dearth of bakeries, mom and pop restaurants, decent sausage (like fresh kielbasa), cheap clean diners for breakfast ... the city just seems to lack a personality when it comes to food.

but there is one gem, a diamond in the rough, a stand-out that has captured our affection. one place that i unabashedly adore and think everyone should try.

we first discovered alberto's a few years back after a night of moderately heavy drinking. i remember thinking that there was no way this pizza could be as good as i thought, and it was certainly the late hour and high blood-alcohol-content that had altered my tastebuds. but no, people. we went back on a sober, clear afternoon soon after ... and it really is that good.

for years, we have taken friends and family there on visits, and fought when bob went for lunch without me on a weekday. we grab a big slice, a pop (they call it pop! they call it pop!) and head out to dupont circle with our treasure to people watch. a better afternoon i cannot imagine. when we move into dc, the first thing i'll tell our real estate agent is that i must live within alberto's delivery area. that is not negotiable.

we, quite simply, love alberto's.

yesterday was a new chapter in our love affair. we ordered ahead and drove into the city to pick it up. i drove around the block, waiting for b to come out with the goods, my mouth literally watering. and i hope that smell never leaves my car, the smell of perfectly browned garlic crust, oregano and roasted red peppers. if heaven has a smell, i know what it is.

so for the love of all things holy, people. if you have not visited alberto's, do yourself a favor. there is no way you will be disappointed.

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Joseph said...

I think the secret is that it that the recipe's come from an Albanian. Also, they drizzle GOOD olive oil on top of the pizza just before it is put in the box.