Wednesday, March 28, 2007

for the love of all things holy

ok, you've caught me. i watch american idol. i have always watched american idol. i was on a plane with ruben once from detroit to grand rapids, and it was very exciting. i called my grandmother. i love american idol.

you know what i don't love? this guy.

i mean, wtf.

he can't sing, and last night he showed up on stage wearing a hairstyle based on a sleepover i had with my girlfriends when i was 12, when we'd had too much jolt and found a full bottle of hairspray.

wtf is he/the powers that be at american idol thinking?!

america, listen. if this guy got voted through again, i'm going to be very, very disappointed in you. i'll scowl and shake my head, i'll say things like what has this country come to? and kids these days, i'll tell ya.

i'm sure he's a nice guy, and i hope his friends and family are understanding when he comes out of the closet. i support him. but that doesn't mean he should be on american idol.

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