Wednesday, January 24, 2007

only in dc, my friends. only in dc.

there are certain events that remind a washingtonian of her location. the last inauguration, when the city was full of fur coats and cowboy hats was certainly such occasion. and last night's state of the union also fit the bill. what's that comedian who does that you might be a rednick if schtick? well, i'm borrowing his schtick. you might be in dc for the state of the union if ...

  • or the whole day before the actual speech, your emails about referred to it as SOTU. (really, the fact that you emailed about the SOTU is evidence enough ...)

  • you know in whose box the mayor of dc sat. (and you told your drinking pals. AND they were interested!)

  • the people at the bar behind you had developed an elaborate drinking game, based on how many times they saw dick cheney frown, the POTUS said specific words (liberty, freedom, terror/ism/ists, good, evil - and i don't think holy war was on the list, but they sure freaked out when he actually said it), and applause. (standing ovations = extra drink)

  • you were involved in a ten-minute conversation about how if john mccain had good advisers, they'd have made him see a plastic surgeon in the fall right after the midterm elections. (because hillary's advisers certainly did...)

  • you're at a full bar on a tuesday night. and it's dead quiet.

  • people know who the hell jim webb is and have an opinion about him. (has he really gotten over saying he's a democrat without twitching?)

  • you make a resolution not to watch next year's SOTU with friend X. and you mean it.

  • you know who gave last year's democratic response (what is the obsession with virginia?!).

  • you were seriously almost brought to tears by the fact that there was someone without a penis sitting behind the POTUS. (maybe this one just proves that you don't have a penis.)


LJ said...

Yeah, SOTU as an acronym was new to me this year... somehow missed that last year around. Definitely very DC.

Anonymous said...

ohmigod..i answered yes to most of them.