Thursday, January 11, 2007

oh no no no i’m a pocket man ... and i think it's gonna be a long long time

i think my subconscious may still be sitting on a beach a few hundred miles away.

it's day three of classes, and despite having zero time between vacation and class to prepare, i've been getting by alright. in fact, this morning i dutifully finished my reading for class this afternoon, even knowing i wouldn't be called on in two of the classes. things were chugging along fine, i thought i'd slipped right back into the groove.


i got to school at 12:30 today (after waiting 17 minutes for a train. are. you. kidding. me.) for my 12:40 class. i waited out in the hallway for the class before mine to let out ... hm ... why aren't any of my classmates here? having already gone to the wrong classroom once this week, i triple-checked the room number. right room. doesn't class meet on thursdays? i grabbed the syllabus again and saw it ... class starts at 12:05.

and i'm an idiot.

but, this clears up some time for me to blog a little about vacation.

before i get to mr. pocket (which is probably NSFW), let me offer a series of photographs to give you an idea of i did all week.







i didn't take pictures of the bottles of heineken that were always at my side, but i have to tell you heineken never tasted so good. anyway, you get the idea.

on new year's day, our first full day in st. martin, we trekked to part of orient beach that was nearly on the opposite end of the beach from our hotel. we were on the north end of the beach, and the south end of the beach is nude. i should add the whole beach is pretty, hm, laissez faire about bathing suits anyway. so, we're close-ish to the nude beach, and a few stragglers made their way up. turns out nudists like to walk. guess it makes for an even tan. first, we saw naked guy. that's cool. sometimes he walked with his friend, naked sidekick. he seemed to be having a good time. lots of topless sunbathers, which was great for rk because she had company. lots of shapes and sizes. but only one ... mr. pocket.

we love mr. pocket. but after day one, we stuck closer to the north end of the beach - not because we didn't like giggling at the occassional naked guy, naked sidekick or mr. pocket sighting, but because we were lazy. it was kinda a long walk. so we didn't see mr. pocket all week. it was sad. we talked about him all week, mind you. but he was nowhere to be found.

then, on saturday, rk's birthday ... he was back. classy man that he is, mr. pocket eschewed his informal white garb for formal black in honor of rk's big day. and, ladies and gentlemen, i didn't miss my chance.

i caught him in action.

if i could ask mr. pocket just one question, it would be this: what the fuck is the point of that thing? seriously.

also, i'm pretty sure i'd ask at which jr. high he is a principal, because you totally know that's what this guy does. he's some boring ass guy who no one pays attention to at home who goes to st. martin and walks around with a pocket for his business.

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