Monday, January 29, 2007

metro monday x: what the hell is wrong with this city?

do you people have no manners? when a 7 or 8 month pregnant woman gets on the train, could someone please tell me why no one thinks it's a good idea to give up their seat for her? really. should she have to ask for a seat? can't you people see that she has a 6 pound fetus in her?

am i terribly surprised? i suppose not. a year or so ago, i slipped on a metro escalator during rush hour at crystal city, toppled down with my laptop and three law books, and not one goddamned person offered to help me. not one. i carry a scar on my shin that looks like a tattoo of an escalator as a reminder of how cold you people are.

episodes like this make me long for the midwest - where people will help you in a store where they don't even work, make actual eye contact with and smile at people they walk past, and make friendly inquiries to pregnant women about when they're due and whether it's a boy or a girl instead of pretending she's not there and assuring themselves that it's someone else's job to offer her a seat on the train.


Anonymous said...

There are a few good folks that will give up their seat. I had several folks give up their seat and insist that I sit down last year when I was pregnant with twins. Because I rode the metro and the metrobus at the same time, folks would save me a seat and look out for me. There are still good folks who are not rude. I'm sorry nobody helped you when you fell but don't give up on everyone.

Chris said...

Yeah, I wonder about that all the time. Last week, I was riding the train and a guy got on, probably in his 50's, with a can and a noticeable limp. The train wasn't jam packed, but there were no seats. He wasn't near me, but I saw no one getting up, so I offered. I guess people are too busy with their PSP's and IPod's to be courteous.

Anonymous said...

I totally understand what you're saying. So a few months ago I tried to be friendly with people and guess what I got in return?? A stalker!! I was friendly, talking to him on the VRE train and all and he thought I "liked" him. So for several days days after that he either scouted the train looking for me or waited for me at the platform to walk TOGETHER to work. I was not sure if I was more angry with him or with myself for not just telling him to $%#@&*^ off.