Thursday, January 18, 2007

new year's resolutions, which i have already begun to dismiss ...

being more timely with my blogs (e.g. not waiting to post new year's resolutions until almost 3 weeks after the new year) is not among them.

1. not surf the internet in class. i have violated this already. but so far only in one class. one very, very dull class.

2. recycle more.

3. dress better. i had this resolution last year. it lasted about 6 months. i have inserted this resolution instead of the standard lose weight resolution. in 6 months, i'll be at a firm for the summer, so i'll definitely be dressing better than jeans and long-sleeved t-shirts. but i'm a student for 4 more months, and the temptation to show up in a hoodie every day is sooo tempting.

4. chill the fuck out. seriously. it's like i believe that if i don't worry about W losing the nuclear codes, he would. (in fact, he may have already anyway ....) i mean, i could spend the next 4 1/2 months worrying every day about whether i'll get that fellowship that will allow me to not work during my last year of law school - but honestly. what good is that going to do?

5. work on my posture.

6. have more dinner parties.

7. be nicer to coworker i can't stand. or avoid all conversation and eye contact.

8. exercise. not to lose weight, but because my blood pressure is high. (also, see #4.)

9. talk to my dad more. unless he starts pissing me off, then i'm totally cutting that dude off. again. but lately he's been pretty normal, so i'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt to start the year.

10. help rk embrace her inner diva.

11. knit.

12. read books for leisure. i read one over christmas before the new year, and one on vacation afterwards. so one this year ... which ties last year.

13. watch more movies. b loves movies. and i like them, once i've started watching (usually) ... but getting me to the theatre or to sit down to watch a movie is like pulling teeth. but for b, i'm going to try.

2007 is going to be a good year, so i'm excited. we're getting a new neice or nephew (i'm betting neice) this summer, and some good friends are also having a baby ... better them than me. i get to spend the summer pretending to be a bona fide member of the real world. that's sweet. some vacations in the works. also, american idol has started again,* so clearly things are looking up.

viva 2007!

*does anyone else think that the awful people don't have quite the je ne sais quoi this year? or that maybe they're picking on people who shouldn't exactly be allowed to sign a waiver without some guardian? i'm feeling a little dirty after watching these wide-eyed sob-stories make complete idiots of themselves. they're the kind of people i wouldn't dare mock on my blog for fear of karmic retribution. just sayin'.

(i tried to get the font to be uniform, but i can't. blogger, what am i going to do with you?)

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