Tuesday, August 08, 2006

where the hell do these people work?

ok, i know sometimes i can be a bit snarky and mean, but look. that's why i switched to a blog with no name.


this morning was my first post-vacation commute. it's sad how a week-long vacation can just melt away as you're stuffing yourself like a sardine into an orange-line train. anywho, the people i saw on the train were amazing.

laura ingles: this woman was wearing a straight-up little house on the prairie, calico dress - and she had these HUGE wool socks (a la montana in the winter) and white sneakers. the ensemble was topped off by the most amazingly bad haircut i've ever seen ... we're talking, faded perm and bangs i haven't seen since 6th grade. kinda like these, only her hair wasn't blue, and it was shoulder length. but this wig is kinda funny, huh?

corderoy man: keep in mind it's dc in august. this dude had on super thick light brown cords, a wrinkled, patterned short-sleeved button-up shirt with a tie that couldn't have clashed more, which was of course about five inches too short. also, of course, the socks/sandals combo, which is always a good choice.

the office slut: what's sad about this woman is that her outfit could have been ok. she had on one of those dresses that you wear under a suit coat. fine. but hers was SO SHORT that i could literally see the bottom of her ass. i'm not kidding here. she had on a pearl necklace and a pearl bracelet - also acceptable - but she also had about three gold necklaces and gold bangle bracelets in addition to the pearls. and the piece de resistance? her shoes. the heels were so high and thin that she could barely walk. and her friend .....

one of these things is not like the other: this woman had on a pretty standard linen dress, appropriate shoes, and a beautiful coach (not goach) bag. the kicker? (wait for it....) she had a she-mullet. NO LIE. it was crazy.

so this is my question: where the HELL do these people work? and what in the world do their coworkers think of these get-ups? i mean, jesus, i get shit for wearing a pair of j.crew flip flops to work in an office where we all wear jeans and my craptastic boss wears black and pink pumas. seriously. where the hell do these people work? and was i suddenly transported to little rock or des moines or something?

hope you missed me! ;)

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking one of the girls worked in an escort/massage parlor. My guess it wasn't wool socks girl. She works somewhere without coverage for psych meds...