Wednesday, August 30, 2006

it's been a hard day's night ...

this week sucks ass. that's right - i said it. i hate this week. i hope i never have to live this week again. if i wake up a la bill murray on last monday morning again next week, i will be seriously pissed. seriously.

i was so out of it last night that i actually got off the metro a stop early. which left my post-class metro-ing companion mighty confused. when i saw her today, she was like, you're an idiot and we can't be friends anymore. not outloud, but i definetly got that vibe.

anywoo, i actually got off the train and exited the turnstile before i in fact confirmed that i got off the train early. then i had to call B to come pick my ass up because there was no way i was waiting another 20 minutes for the train to go three quarters of a mile. he thought it was funny. or sad and desperate. then we split a bottle of wine, watched vh1's hottest rock girlfriends special, a little international house hunters, and called it a night.

well, that's that. to sum, this week sucks ass and sometimes during a particularly sucky ass week, i do stupid things like get off the train at the wrong time. and i like wine. that's this week.

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