Thursday, August 31, 2006

the orange line

yesterday i saw a guy waiting for the train doing the robot. oh, sans ipod. no excuse (besides insanity). also, i saw a guy with straight up 1980s hairplugs. he also had a twitch. it was hot.

for these reasons, i enjoy the orange line. a nice blend of commuter and crazy. that's important. but, to metro, i must ask how the hell an extension of the orange line through tyson's and out to dulles will ever work. i mean, has anyone on this planning committee ever ridden the orange line? during any time between 7am-10am/3pm-9pm? you can't fit 14 more people on those trains during rush hour - let alone commutes from fucking tyson's corner! it's the dumbest thing i have ever heard of, and only take solace in knowing that by the time this ever materializes, i will hopefully have long parted from the orange line.

i think we should start a petition requiring that everyone working for wmata making more than $50,000/year MUST ride either the red or orange line during rush hour twice a week. i think we would see a marked increase in service and decrease in craptitude.

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