Thursday, August 10, 2006


today was the day i came closest to kicking "he who must not be named", aka craptastic boss (CB), in the groin. training a new employee that CB's incredible laziness should be catered to. oh, and that's a direct quote. working for this louse is a daily insult to my intellect.

all these things activities are being put ON NOTICE for their unfortunate association with CB.

it should be a consolation to me that in less than two years, CB will be just a memory, and the insult replaced by a job in a law firm where if i am treated like crap (though it will pale in comparison to this) at least it will be by someone with brains and a moticum of motivation.

am i letting him win by upsetting me so much? is that part of his game, to get under my skin? whoever said the best revenge is to live well is just full of it. the best revenge is so evil that i could never write it down out of fear it could be used as evidence if even one of the nasty things i wish upon CB ever actually happened.

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