Tuesday, August 22, 2006

i'm dreaming of ....

... working someplace where idiotic, unmotivated, ridiculous, totally unprofessional and juvenile employees are fired.

er, i guess juvenile and ridiculous may be asking a bit much. ok, just idiotic, unmotivated and totally unprofessional.

i'm doing all this research on the law firms with which i start interviewing tomorrow. i suppose, however, that when they ask me why i want to work there, i should not answer - because i don't think you hire and continue to employ for years total idiots. and i've looked at your dress code - black and pink puma sneakers are not allowed.

it's hard though to figure out exactly what i should be saying. really? i want to work in your office because the pay is great, you have a pretty office, and i have no idea where i want to work. oh, and your firm has commercials on NPR. i love NPR.

i'm going to be brilliant. i can tell.

ps. there's a mosquito in my apartment, and i've been stalking it all morning with no luck. and i keep thinking it's biting my foot, but it isn't. hmph.

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Parm & Kate said...

Hey - I tried to comment you yesterday but it didn't show up...just wanted to wish you luck on the interviews! You will do great!