Monday, August 14, 2006


i'll try to keep my famiglia matta out of the blog as much as possible ... but ...

so today i was talking to my mom on the phone (normal, awkward, forced conversation where she pretends to be slightly interested in what's going on in my life) and my dad asked who she was talking to.
she replied with my name, and he said, "who?"
mom: "our daughter!"
dad (snidely): "oh, we have a daughter?"
mom (awkwardly ignoring the tension): "oh, you know your dad. always being silly."
then i could hear her covering the mouthpiece of the phone so i couldn't understand the next snarky remark my dad made.

ok, seriously? this from the man who didn't even say hello to my husband when we drove 1200 miles to throw them a party? let alone thank you (to either of us). wtf. what i wouldn't give to hear my mom reply to one of those nasty comments, "you know, that's not nice" or even "gosh, i wonder why our kids think you're an ass!"

ranting over. i should go back to looking at golden retrievers in hats. a happy place.

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