Thursday, August 10, 2006

a little time away

here are promised pics from the long-awaited, much-needed vacation to michigan wine country.

every time we go back to detroit, B insists on going to the polish market (which at first i didn't realize was the actual name of the place) to buy the kind of kielbasa we just can't find in dc. only he and i would transport 15 lbs of kielbasa across state lines.

one of the nephews has figured out how to use a camera ... sorta. he's only three, so as far as i'm concerned, the fact that he's stopped trying to eat it is genuis. this is some of his early work...

this is the view from the outdoor tables at our fav restaurant in michigan wine country, the boathouse. the cuisine is far and above better than what we can find in dc. which most people don't believe. the difference is that people in michigan go out to eat to ... well ... eat. not to be seen. we were actually sharing our dining space with a family from dc. i'll have to relay that experience later.

ahhhhh. these are the vineyards at the chateau grand traverse winery. we were thrilled to learn they have started shipping to virginia. it's great news for our stock of michigan wines, but bad news for the budget. we really should only be allowed to blow a ton on michigan wine a few times a year, not have the constant temptation!!

we watched the sunset over the west bay of the grand traverse bay on the beach with a bottle of wine. it may have literally been as far away from dc as mentally possible.

fishtown in leland. if it was any more charming, i may have exploded. we bought a FANTASTIC painting here.

we spent some time with some friends at their cabin in grayling. this is the big creek. that's it's name. big creek. now this is rustic.

P taught B how to use a chainsaw. now that is really not something i expected to witness on vacation. my urban husband sawing a tree with a dangerous power tool. great. i was too busy preparing to call 911 (like they have 911 out in bfe) to take pictures when he was using the ax to split logs. now that's just crazy.

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Laura Kropp said...

we forgot to ask about the rose bushes at the wineries. Oh well. Any guesses?