Monday, August 21, 2006

one last blog before the summer dies

how is it only 9:15 and i've managed to go through all of my favorite websites, none of which have changed one iota since friday afternoon? hmph. so this is my last bastion of distraction before


i don't know whether i'm thrilled to be starting or scared to death. this semester is starting with a reading of three of the federalist papers, marbury v. madison (the case that won me B's heart, i'll tell that story later), and a look at the structure of the criminal law system. so much better than contracts and civil procedure ...

but this also means interviews (thankfully, a lot of them) - and while i'm excited about that, my stomach is already in knots over the first three on wednesday, and i fear the anxiety won't pass until i've received offer(s?) and made a decision.

i really do want to join the real world. i do. i want to work in a real job and make real money and not go to school. but at the same time: eek!

no time for eeking, though. james madison is calling my name.

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Parm & Kate said...

Good luck Sadina on your interviews! I'm sure you will do great.

And on that real world thing...I think it is entirely overrated.

:) Kate