Friday, October 20, 2006

those were the days

remember when a note from home could excuse you from just about every painful school-related experience as a kid? man i miss that.

best bud rk - probably sick and tired of hearing me bitch about this thing via gmail all morning - finally took things into her own hands ... and decided to write me a note. she emailed it to me so i could just forward it along to the appropriate law school staff. super thoughtful.


Dear Law School:

Please excuse SB from her law thing tomorrow.

While I'm sure many students find this a useful and productive exercise, S finds the whole thing very painful.

In addition, she has other commitments that take precedence (note the use of a law word) over this law thing. These are commitments that require her to be in Detroit, MI for the duration of this law thing.

With this in mind, I am sure you won't object (another law word) to S missing this law thing. Thank you for your understanding.


awe. some.

THEN - b, issued a concurring opinion upon being forwarded rk's opinion. it follows:

There is clear precedence for S' participation in cheering for the Detroit Tigers. S is considered the forewoman of the fan club jury and her participation in playoff efforts is essential to victory in this case. Much like an amicus brief might sway the ruling of the justices, her cheering is required for Tiger victories. S must be excused. This is not a request, but a ruling from the 2006 Detroit circuit.