Wednesday, October 18, 2006

perhaps there's some truth to the maxim: "write what you know"

which for me means ... obviously ... my office bathroom.

this is not a good week. i'm all about hard work, sure, but this moot court competition has consumed me, and i'm ready to shelf it in favor of actually preparing for class. so i've been keeping my head down, in a book or in front of my laptop, trying to just will the hours by. i'm torn, dreading saturday (arguments from 10-3) and simultaneously thrilled for it (flight for detroit and the world series leaves at 5).

so, since my head has been down, i've been less observant than usual. but i do have some bathroom-related humor to share. lately this has been a hot topic for me. and i've been torn about whether to share the new developments ... the problem is this. b wonders if i should take my blog down the road of bathroom humor? is that what i want this to be? but b's boss (hey HEY hey!) thinks there's a market out there for bathroom humor.

the decision was made by the fact that i haven't had anything remotely interesting to blog about in days. except the tigers. and i'm not one to blog a dead horse.

so i blog what i know. the weirdos that use my office bathroom.

here goes.

turns out the crazy germaphobs in my office *literally* refuse to allow any surface of the bathroom to come into contact with any part of their body ... you're thinking, ok, s, we know this. the doorknobs, the sink handles, the twice-daily cleaned porcelain. what else? i'll tell you what else! the locks on the doors! how, oh how, do i know this you wonder? whilst i was washing my hands in the WC earlier this week, i witnessed my kind and polite boss accidentally opened the stall door in use by a known germaphob. boss apologized, and germaphob responded - that's ok - i didn't lock it.

she didn't lock it.

she didn't lock the stall door.

here's the thing. i'd rather have 4 square centimeters on two of my fingers touch the lock on the bathroom stall than risk exposing my vijayjay to an office-mate. but hey, those are my priorities.

who thinks i should start accidentally opening bathroom stall doors to see if it's an office-wide trend? or would that make me weird? or should i not worry about that because i've already blogged thrice about the bathroom habits of my office-mates?

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Freewheel said...

I vote for a full investigation.