Wednesday, October 25, 2006

s does current affairs

and in so doing, exposes her previously closely guarded political beliefs to the whole world. or at least, the whole world who knows the five letters after s.*

today's headlines

rush limbaugh should go fuck himself.

(alternatively, i was thinking of making some clever remark about how someone should tell him that when you're taking a prescription for a disease as opposed to recreationally, measuring efficacy is different ... but then i thought of him taking viagra and then i remembered exactly what he was accusing alex p. keaton of ... and, well, all i could think is this guy can go fuck himself.)

america. new jersey is ushering us into an enlightened, modern, accepting era of civil rights. new jersey, people. doesn't this tell us something?!

(ps sorry new jersey. but it's true. ps i loved garden state.)

*and of course if you do know those five little letters, you probably already know where i stand on these and all issues.

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