Tuesday, October 24, 2006

on récolte ce qu'on seme!

pedestrians, fear not! sometimes, karma does reward that bastard in the mercedes. promise!

since i've admittedly had few interesting, non-bathroom-related observations of late, i've decided to stretch out all the fun from the past few days just a little bit. so i'll start by telling the weekend story with recounting some unadulterated pedestrian joy lo friday night.

following another satisfying meal at our new favorite thai place , b and i were enjoying a cool walk home along wilson boulevard when we nearly witnessed a 20-something (crossing the street in a totally legal fashion) get hit by a prick in a big mercedes, accompanied by plenty of uncalledfor honking.

little did the aforementioned prick know ... those two motorcyclists behind him were actually cops. and they totally pulled his prick ass over.

the 20-something finished crossing the street just as we arrived at the corner - just as the cops turned on their lights. and our jaws dropped. the 20-something turned to us ... did you SEE that?! that was fucking awesome!!! [insert profuse air punching]

and as we crossed the street alongside the prick in the mercedes, as he sat there like a fool waiting for his ticket - we laughed. we laughed and pointed, and the cops smiled at us.

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