Wednesday, October 11, 2006

prank calls and giggles

it is frightful how quickly i can regress back to seventh grade.

my morning round of internet putzing led me to some of the most fun i've had in a while.

for free, you can put your number (please.) on dwight schrute's call list. obviously, i've been going through every number in my cell phone and placing my fellow office watchers on the list. prank calling, and waiting for a reaction. will they know it's me?* that i'm the culprit? good, clean fun.

so next time your phone rights from an unknown number, be ready. it might be dwight berating you for not being adult enough to show up at work on time.

*(probably they will. who else has this kind of time on their hands? and in the epic battle between prank calls and reading about complex litigation, who do you think wins?)

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