Tuesday, September 26, 2006


i know i've been a little obsessed with my two favorite television shows lately. sorry. the thing is, i only get to watch those two shows these days (plus a little daily show if i can stay up that late, and also football on the weekends, because i can usually do homework at the same time) and so i must embrace them.

right now, i'm listening to the grey's anatomy podcast, which i have missed sorely. (obsessed, see?) i so appreciate the writing that shonda rhimes does, i just love her. but now i love her even more. she was talking about how much of a fool she made of herself when she met the cast of the office, which is her favorite show. seriously. i could be this woman's best friend. we would get along so well. and then she could tell me secrets about mcdreamy and meredith and finn, and it'd be great. for example, she could tell me if that rumor i read that there is going to be a threesome on grey's this season is true. because i really need to know.

at some point i'll maybe try to stop writing only about television. but while i'm on the topic, let me just say that i bought this for A for her birthday. and it got to her before her birthday. this has NEVER happened. usually i'm a couple months late. and so is she. it's our thang. but not this year, oh no.

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