Friday, September 22, 2006

my head didn't explode

though i was really scared about it for a while.

i totally skipped class to watch tv last night. i admit it. and you know what? i'm not sorry.

i won't list all the reasons why, because i'm not sure how people will react to my total obsession with grey's anatomy and the office. but there are so many reasons. i think i'll re-watch them both this weekend. a couple times.

but briefly, thank you pam so much for not marrying roy. and also i cried twice during grey's anatomy. again, i admit it.

this actually makes me feel bad for roy. but then i remember that he is a jerk and left pam at a hockey game on their first date. oh, and that jim is awesome. then i don't feel so sorry anymore. (plus there's the fact that this is all fiction, which i realize. seriously.

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